Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lankan mission slams report on jailed maid


The Sri Lankan Embassy in Saudi Arabia has rejected reports in Colombo claiming a Sri Lankan domestic worker has been arrested in Saudi Arabia for worshipping a statue of the Buddha.

According to the Bodu Bala Senaa, a Buddhist organization based in Colombo, it was alleged the youth, identified as Premanath PereralageThungasiri, was arrested by Ummu lHamam police for worshipping the statue inside his home.

It was alleged in the report Saudi authorities were planning to execute him.

The report added: “Although a complaint has been lodged at the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment in Colombo, under complaint no: CN/158/1205, so far no action has been taken.”
Reacting to the reports, a senior official from the mission said the whole story was totally fabricated and had nothing to do with idol worship.

The diplomat, who had met Thungasiri in jail yesterday, said that he had been booked on some other charges by police in the Ummul Hammam district.
According to the official, Thungasiri, who works as a driver, had visited another Saudi's house to resolve a dispute involving a housemaid there. He said the maid was his relative, and during the dispute police arrested him.

In his statement to the embassy, Thungasiri said his Saudi sponsor had nothing to do with the case and had surrendered his passport and other documents to prison authorities for his deportation.
The diplomat, responding to the allegations, said: “So far, no Sri Lankan has been found guilty of practicing his own religion in the Kingdom.”

He added no one had been executed for practicing their religion. (Arab News)

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