Saturday, July 28, 2012

Threats on Buddhist monks forced to shut down a mosque

[ Wednesday, 25 July 2012, 02:30.41 PM GMT +05:30 ]
Due to the continues threats made by the Buddhist monks Al-Akram-Jummah mosque located at the Welawa police division of Kurunegala district shut down last night.
Group of Buddhist monks together with protesters visited to the mosque 7.30 pm last night and engaged in the Pirith observances. Due to this administrators of the mosque lodged a complaint at the Welawaya police station.

Western Provincial Council member Mujeeboor Rahman announced group of police officials arrive to the location have ordered to shutdown the mosque.

Speaking this regard Police stated For past few years nursery was operated in this area and now Muslim people have engaged in the prayer service in this site. Buddhist monks of the area thoroughly condemn this activity. Muslim devotees refused to accept the situation and engage in the prayer service.

Area residents together with Buddhist monks stage protest against this activity, due to security reason we decided to shut down the mosque. We also ordered Buddhist monks, area residents and Muslim leaders to visit police station last night.

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