Thursday, November 1, 2012

Inspired by the Prophet's Manners.

Muhammad's Lenience.

By Reading Islam Staff

Forgive and forget, and always give people a second chance.
Muhammad, the Prophet of Muslims, taught his followers to be lenient towards others. When he had to choose between one of two things, he always chose the easiest for people.
Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said:
“God did not send me to be harsh, or cause harm, but He sent me to teach and make things easy.” (Muslim)
Watch this flash file about the Prophet’s lenience and see how you can implement this character in your daily life:

Lenience in our Daily Lives:
  • Every kind gesture has its own reward, even a smile, so try always to be kind.
  • Forgive and forget, and always give people a second chance.
  • Always think of the blessings you have, and don’t worry yourself thinking about what you don’t have.
  • Don’t be obstinate, give room for people to share their views and opinions with you.
  • Try to always see the bright side of things, and learn from your mistakes.
  • When advising someone, bear in mind that people differ, so they need different approaches.
  • Try to always confront your problems with patience.
  • If you are having a bad day or something bad happened to you, remember that it’s not other people’s fault. Try to absorb your anger.
  • Don’t wait for people to praise your good deeds; being thanked should never be your aim.

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