Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mardood Digvijay Singh Muslim love for Prophet Mohammed [pbuh] and Islam is not Green Terror


[ Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui]
After having regained health by drinking cow urine Digvijay Singh the saffron face of Gandhi Parivar and the Congress party has got more energized and is back to the core mentality of Uppercaste Hindus in India since the Pre-Independence Days.This Thakur who despite his foolish statements never could impress anyone except the RSS to which he belongs.He rushed to PM Manmohan Singh during the Baba Ram Dev fast which was exposed by a Tv Channel of Uttrakhand how LK Advani and BJP CM of Uttrakhand were helping Baba Ram Dev show with state patronage,to the extent that Sri Sri Ravishankar the Guru gantaal of the the rich and famous was Air dashed to Uttrakhand and the CM was directed by Advani and his PA Deepak Chopra to help Baba Ram Dev,even the fast which Baba Ramdev took was extented as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the CM could not reach the venue because of heavy rain.
Digvijay had an opportunity to present the evidence of the blatant misuse of BJP governed state resources to help Baba Ram Dev and his Anti-corruption movement and easily the federal government could have booked L.K.Advani and all the players under various criminal offences of indulging in mutiny and covert operation of overthrowing the Manmohan Singh UPA government elected in a democratic and constitutional manner.But after meeting Digvijay the Manmohan Singh government which had evidence in form of the local channels expose with evidence of LK Advani controlling Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravi Shanker in the Anti-corruption movement Manmohan government looked the other way.
Even Anna and Kejriwal are political pawns of the saffron forces.But a man like Digvijay Singh who himself drinks cow Urine and recommends it and opposes Baba Ram Dev’s Patanjali products,suddenly remembers the threat of Green Terror. Digvijaya flags ‘green terror’, says it’s as bad as ‘saffron’ latest-news/digvijaya-flags-green-terror-says-its-as-bad-as-saffron/1029562/ as reported by Indian Express.Digvijay Singh shocked many Congressmen with his utterance as described in the above report.

What was the need to put the Zionist-RSS propaganda in the Congress baithak? This is what Digvijay does to help fascist saffron forces by not letting unanimity grow on action against RSS sponsored saffron terror in the country by equating "Green Terror" with saffron terror.This he did during UP elections and the efforts of Rahul Gandhi in resurrecting Congress Vote bank from regional parties was sabotaged with irresponsible utterances of Diggi Babu on reservation to Muslims issue and on ticket distribution to Muslims in UP. Digvijay Singh operates through a small property dealer of Okhla South Delhi’s Muslim Pocket resident Parvez Hashmi who has converted to Hinduism with his second marriage to a non Muslim girl.Such type of RSS minded Muslims are made Rajya Sabha members by Digvijay Singh and Congress Party,leaving little difference between BJP and Congress minority cell.

It is only educated Salman Khurshid and Ghulam Nabi Azad who have a background and culture that people like Digvijay Singh back stab as they refuse second class treatment to them by the party. Digvijay Singh should remember Green Terror in India is the product made in the Nagpur head quarters of RSS with the support from the entire Sangh Parivar and the Indian state.I do not need to repeat how "sadhvi"prayagya,"swamy" Aseemand,"Colonel" Purohit etc trained Hindu militants and organized various bomb blasts in India which the "Hindu/National Media" and state agencies immediately blamed on "Green Terror" the "Indian Mujahideen" and LET etc.

Digvijay Singh should fear the day when actually the "Green Terror" lands in India.With the US take over of India courtesy UPA Government that day should not be far off as American’s have a history of unleashing terror in the name of Muslims against the economy of countries they conquer.Entire Middle East,Pakistan,Libya and Syrian example is live before us.
The congress party either should disassociate from the statement made by Digvijay Singh at the Surajkund conclave or should expel him from the Congress Party else should stop of even thinking of getting even a single vote from Muslims.Lets see even if 100% Uppercaste’s vote Congress how many seats Congress Party gets?.

The Uppercaste parties are a past history of India.If people like Digvijay Singh are bent upon spoiling Congresses apple cart it would not harm Muslim minorities but would harm the Gandhi Family interest only.Muslims since last hundred years are hail and hearty despite the Global unleash of hate and terror against their religion and their belief.Not an iota of success has been achieved by Satanic forces.We Muslims live like Muslims as per shariat and our prophet Mohammed’s [pbuh] sunnah and this life of 70-100 years is a period of exams for our final life in Aakhiraa.To hell with Mardood Digvijay Singh and his Congress party if for that matter any party or government calls our love for our religion and our prophet [pbuh] as "Green Terror" to hell with such people.

Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui
Chief Editor,

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