Monday, November 12, 2012


Assalamu Alaikum !
Cant stop my self from sharing this.
Hope you all have fun WAKING UP! ;)


"There are those who are content to simply go to work in the morning , face the morning traffic , and go back home in the evening with your air conditioner turned on in your SUV , and then go home and cook a nice dinner and sit down and watch television until it's time to sleep and you do it over and over until the weekend comes , and the weekend is a time for fun and games and so on.. and for saturday night's fever and so on.... and this is LIFE , THIS IS LIFE.

You worship the dunya, you live for the dunya and you DIE for the Dunya (worldly life).
BUT there are others.. others who are made of sterner stuff and their hearts beat with a a different tune. These are a people who yearn for something HIGHER , something which explains the strange world and I am not prepared to be just another piece of (?????) wood floating on the ocean and the waves will take me wherever they want to ,NO!.
I want a boat which will take me to the port , the destination that my heart longs for. I must UNDERSTAND THE WORLD IN WHICH WE LIVING TODAY and I must RESPOND to it appropriately . I want peace and contentment and tranquility in my heart. And i can only get that peace and contentment and tranquility in my heart if i underhand the REALITY of the world in which we live today and i respond to it appropriately ........."

Watch the vid for the rest :)
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